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How to connect Billion devices using WDS mode?
Posted by Billion UK FAE 07 on 26 February 2011 04:50 PM

WDS (Wireless Distribution System) that enables the wireless interconnection of AP (Access Point) in an IEEE 802.11 network.
It will allow a wireless network to be expanded using multiple access points without the need for a wired backbone to link them, as is traditionally required. Please note the number of participant WDS device(s) may vary, this depends on model. 


Please note both devices must share the same wireless chipset vendor to establish a WDS connection, for more information on WDS compatibility between different models please submit a ticket on the following link

Enable two Billion devices in WDS mode as follows: (this guide will only cover WDS setups method between a 7800N and 7300N, for other models please use the link above to submit a ticket to check for compatibility)
1. set a static IP to your computer (for configuration).
2. Change the LAN ip address of the Bipac 7800N (
3. Turn off DHCP server on Bipac 7800N.
4. Configure the same WPA2 security type and same password on both Bipac 7800N and Bipac 7300N.
5. Make the wireless channels match up, in another word same wireless channel.
6. Enter the mac of the 7800N in the wds section of the 7300N.
7. Enter the mac of the 7300N in the wds section of the 7800N.
8. Change your IP back to 'Obtain a IP automatically' and now the 7300N should do all the routing for you.
9. Log back into the 7800n using the new IP address and save the config, and click on 'apply' in the middle of the web page.

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