How can I connect to my internal web server using the public name (
Posted by Billion UK FAE 07 on 22 October 2008 02:49 PM

74 Series NAT Loopback.

For user on the local area network to connect to an internal web server using ( We will need to configure the Router to take care of the extreme complicated issue arises due to NAT.

The configuration steps are in two parts. The first part can be done from the web user interface and the second part is via Telnet.

Once finish enter the settings then click on the 'Apply' button. To save the setting permanently please continue to the page below.

Now run the 'Command Prompt'
In the Command Prompt type 'telnet' without the quotes.
Username: admin
password: admin

Then type "dnsrelay set lan domainname {domain}", then close the command Prompt.

When client PC request DNS, the Primary DNS will be the first priority.

When client PC request landomainname, DNS request will ask the Secondary

Please note the internal web server must be a DHCP client.

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