BiPAC 7402NX L2TP or IPSEC (Windows 7)

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Security Services
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BiPAC 7402NX L2TP or IPSEC (Windows 7)

Post by Security Services » Thu Jul 28, 2011 10:51 pm

I've got a BiPAC 7402NX installed and configured in a premises allowing a customer to log back in to his company network whilst out of the office using the PPTP "remote access" settings on the router and his Windows 7 laptop.

Although this is working fine Id prefer to configure the BiPAC 7402NX to use L2TP instead as its obviously more secure.

I've followed all of the instructions for setting up remote access using L2TP and it just doesn't work. The instructions supplied by Billion are out of date and also don't have all of the settings listed in them that the current firmware has listed in its menu.

The BiPAC 7402NX is currently using Software Version 6.04b.ds1.

So i'm looking for a solution to get this to work.

L2TP over Remote Access (not LAN to LAN).

Also is it in anyway possible to configure the Windows 7 machine to gain access in to this router using the default Windows client software, using IPsec instead of PPTP or L2TP instead?

If not, are their any freeware third party applications that are compatible with the BiPAC 7402NX device?

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Re: BiPAC 7402NX L2TP or IPSEC (Windows 7)

Post by billion_fan » Mon Sep 12, 2011 2:47 pm

Your right, L2TP does not work with windows 7, as windows does not support the security encryption.

Have you contacted Billion support to see if they can advise on any software solution?

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