How to Mirror the WAN port for traffic analysis

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How to Mirror the WAN port for traffic analysis

Post by g8wcnm5ajp » Fri Sep 09, 2011 11:42 pm

If you want to know what is actually hitting your WAN port and or capture the traffic then here is a nice little feature of the Billion switches. You will need to assign a physical interface to a ethernet channel as per the instructions below, and then issue a command line command by way of a telnet session, once done packets at the WAN interface are echoed down the desired ethernet interface where they can be captured.


How to use Ethernet port to capture ADSL packets
Before use this feature to capture ADSL packets, please configure your WAN (VPI/VCI, protocol…) first and connect your PC to device’s Ethernet port 3.

1. Create transport “ethernet1” by below steps.
Step 1.1 Change webpage to Advanced mode.
Step 1.2 Click Configuration  LAN  Bridge interface (see Figure 1)
Step 1.3 Click Apply button.

Go into the CLI and type the following

port ethernet set mirror 1

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