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Feature Req: Activate/Deactivate IPV6 Tunnel tickbox

Posted: Mon Dec 02, 2019 9:40 am
by alanfleming
At the moment, you can only set up or delete IPV6 tunnels. You can't switch them on and off once configured. So to switch one off and on, you need to delete it then set it up from scratch each time.

Would it be possible to pass on a feature request? As well as add them or delete them, would it be possible to have a checkbox to make them active or inactive?

Reason for this is if you have a IPv6 tunnel with Hurricane Electric's Tunnelbroker - even if it terminates in the UK and you are in the UK - Netflix refuses to work as it assumes there is an international proxy on your network.

So it would be really useful to be able to switch tunnels on and off. Netflix aren't going to change - they started to do this three years ago and show no signs of refining their blocking.