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8800 as Modem Separate Router Connect to both via PC

Posted: Sat Jul 27, 2019 3:30 pm
8800NL R2 (modem = bridge mode) to Synology 2600 (router) connection from 8800 WAN (blue) port.

I can connect fine to the router from my PC (same subnet and DHCP ) simple and normal.

8800 is (different subnet and no route to

At the moment to get stats and to try and sort a problem (upload speed dropping 80%) I have to connect a different PC to the 8800 Ethernet port (yellow). This works fine but is tedious.

I have lots of thoughts on how I could connect to both from a single PC, BUT the two devices being on different subnets is always going to be a problem.

A second network card would work (works on laptop wired to 8800 and Wifi to Internet) As long as no route between the two cards.
Adding a "route" using "route add" or "Netsh" would NOT work as there is no Default Gateway between the two devices.

I had seen a post on an ISP forum where one of the 8800 Ethernet (yellow) ports was reconfigured (and I assume connected into the router on its different subnet) but can't find the post again and have a funny feeling that this would only work if the 8800 was actually logging into the ISP (not the router) (so 8800 was modem AND router) and the Synology was plugged into it and getting an IP address from it. Sort of config I had by mistake when first trying to connect where I could see both somehow.

Is there a stock answer to this connectivity problem?