RJ11 Cable:- Straight through or Cross-Over ?

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RJ11 Cable:- Straight through or Cross-Over ?

Post by BFUMXXXX » Sat Jul 20, 2019 4:02 pm

I had my FTTC connection upload speed drop from 8 ish to 0.9 Mbps. As always (wrong in this case !) I blamed the ISP. Although communication with them is often interesting (you open one ticket, only to find they open two more) they posted a diagnostic screen with info on among other things "interference". Although this according to them didn't affect the service I thought it was worth looking into and in the end found it was one of a possible number of devices, lights, DECT phones, other WiFi devices all of which I have to close proximity to the RJ11 cable from my 8800NL R2 acting as a modem (bridge).

To cut a long story short ish, having got the problem sorted I decided to replace the RJ11 to RJ11 cable with a shorter (helped a lot by having the router connected via Ethernet some feet away) home made twisted pair cable with a screen. Not wanting to keep messing with the service having heard that after a few disconnects things can be set semi-permanently at a slower speed I looked on the web and investigated a few old RJ11 cables I have.

Info on the web after a few differently worded searches didn't yield much other than confusion, similarly RJ11 cables I found at home were all different, some with two wires to pins 2 and 3 were straight through, others 2 - 3 and 3 - 2 ( i.e. cross-over) some had four wires straight through.

As I can't remember if the cable I use which I think is straight through is the one that came with the Billion can anyone inform me if it actually matters? If it does not then it is probably that the signal is "floating" i.e. neither side is grounded, this in itself makes it a LOT more susceptible to electrical interference.

Anyway, can anyone tell me if it matters if the RJ11 cable is straight through or cross-over when connecting the Billion 8800NL R2, or any other Billion for that matter?

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