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List of Billion routers that will work with Be
Posted by Milton on 13 August 2008 11:43 AM
As we have been getting a lot of enquiries on whether our routers can work with Be, I would like to share a list of our routers tested working without problems. Testing has been done on 2 separate Be lines, both on the Be Pro package (Annex M). One line is with a single static IP and the other is with a block of static IPs. All models listed below can sync up without problem and can achieve the ADSL 2+ Annex M speed with Be.

Tested working so far:

1) BiPAC 7402X (4 Port, VPN, 3G, Conexant Solos chipset)
2) BiPAC 7402GXL (4Port, Wireless, 3G, Conexant Solos chipset)
3) BiPAC 7402GX (4Port, VPN, Wireless, 3G, Conexant Solos chipset)
4) BiPAC 7402NX (4 Gigabit Port, Wireless - N, 3G, Conexant Solos chipset)

Currently working on and should be available via firmware upgrade soon:

1) BiPAC 5200
2) BiPAC 5200S
3) BiPAC 5200G
4) BiPAC 5200N
5) BiPAC 7300
6) BiPAC 7300G
7) BiPAC 7300GX
8) BiPAC 7300N

I will try to keep this updated.

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